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Helping Gardeners Find Super Cool Plants from Independent Nurseries

ARTICLE BY: MEGAN HANSEN Megan Hansen is a Portland gardener, plant nut, HPSO member and founder of — a searchable database with over 30,000 plants from nearly 100 independent nurseries, many of them located right here in Oregon. [Editor’s Note: has been an invaluable resource to me as a gardener learning about plants.  It provides lots of photos of the plants listed, so you can get different views of them (close up and the whole plant), and see them in different seasons.  It also aggregates the information from multiple nursery tags so you can read what the experts… 

A Tale of Two Gardens (with apologies to Charles Dickens)

Jane Finch-Howell Garden

ARTICLE BY: JANE FINCH-HOWELL Jane Finch-Howell blogs at Mulchmaid, where she practices zonal denial without a greenhouse. She enjoys simple forms, bright colors, tropical foliage, and anything in the Manzanita family. *** It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair… About 18 months ago, Ben and I realized… 

Garden Experiments

ARTICLE BY: RICHARD HOFFMAN Richard Hoffman is a member of the HPSO Board and his current interests range from identifying edible wildflowers to working edible plants into a mostly ornamental garden. *** One of the joys of gardening stems from experimentation. As gardeners, we’re always trying to benefit the plants within our garden, find diverse ways to utilize the garden space, increase garden sustainability, improve the quality of our garden design, grow food for the table, and provide more visual, tactile and olfactory beauty. Curiosity initiates garden experimentation also, featuring age-old statements and questions like: “I wonder what would happen… 

30 Great Plants for 30 Great Years (Part 2)

Great Plants List

If you haven’t seen Part 1 of this post, which outlines the first 15 plants on our 30 Great Plants for 30 Great Years list in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Hortlandia this year, you can check it out here. We had dozens of initial selections provided by you on our Facebook page, then we polled you to narrow down the choices.  Over 1000 people cast a vote, and the final list of 30 Great Plants for 30 Great Years was published in the Oregonian: Hardy Plant Society of Oregon’s 30 favorite plants (this article is written by HPSO Board Member… 

HPSO Open Gardens in May 2018

Peony Garden Portland

The temperatures are rising and the sun is making more appearances as the glorious spring season begins in the Pacific Northwest. The annual HPSO Open Gardens program started in April and there are even more gardens to see during the month of May. The May gardens are open on weekend days (times and locations are listed for members in the HPSO Open Gardens directory). Approximately twenty of the gardens on this year’s HPSO Open Gardens are those that are featured on the tour for the first time. One of these is the garden of Matthew Hubbard (aka The Lents Farmer)…. 

30 Great Plants for 30 Great Years (Part 1)

Great Plants List

We hope everyone had a great time at Hortlandia last weekend.  What a great sale!  So many plant nerds (old & new) showed up to shop for their gardens, and we’re rooting for all their purchases to be a big success! One of the ways we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the sale was by polling our audience for their 30 favorite plants for Pacific Northwest gardens.  We had dozens of initial selections provided by you on our Facebook page, then we polled you to narrow down the choices.  Over 1000 people cast a vote, and the final list of 30… 

Save the Date! 2018 HPSO / Garden Conservancy Open Day

Garden Conservancy HPSO Open Day 2018

Don’t you hate it when something fabulous ends up scheduled on a day you already have plans? That’s why we’re letting you know early about this year’s Hardy Plant Society of Oregon / Garden Conservancy Open Garden Day… July 14th, 2018 Save the date! / LEARN MORE… This year’s event will include touring eight outstanding private gardens in North/Northeast Portland plus free “Digging Deeper” programs at Garden Fever and Thicket Nursery. Timber Press authors will be signing books, and there will be pollinator classes from bee experts and water conservation information from the regional water consortium. All that, plus there’s… 

Hortlandia on TV (Video)

See HPSO President, Jim Rondone, on KGW’s Portland Today talking about the 30th anniversary of Hortlandia! He showcases some great plants you’ll be able to find at the sale. Featured photo by The Danger Garden / Loree Bohl