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8 Tips for Creating Plant Combos That Are Practical AND Pretty

ARTICLE BY: DARCY DANIELS Darcy Daniels is a longtime HPSO member, garden designer with Bloomtown® Gardens, and most recently the creator of eGardenGo, a website devoted to helping gardeners unlock the secrets of successful planting combinations. In this post, she dishes 8 tips garnered from 20 years of thinking about combining plants and garden-making. *** I’m quite practical and down-to-earth when it comes to choosing plants for the gardens I make, particularly those I do with clients. I tend to be quite a bit more experimental in my own space, but most of the time, my clients don’t want to… 

Brighten Your Winter Garden with Art

Garden Sculpture

ARTICLE BY: BETH HANSEN-WINTER Beth Winter is a HPSO Board Member, Photographer, Book Designer, and Hortiholic *** After 20 years of collecting, my husband began to chide me for having “too much” garden art. I must confess that when there are no leaves on the deciduous trees and shrubs to block the direct views, the garden IS a little bit crowded, but honestly, I don’t think one can have too much garden art! There are two things a garden needs in the winter when trees are bare and perennials are nonexistent: structural plants and garden art. Hardscaping defines a garden,… 

Gardeners’ Gift Guide

Gifts for Gardeners - Photo by @TheDangerGarden

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and while we are all loathe to admit it, it’s increasingly less inviting to spend time out in the garden.  The nights are drawing in, and we’re looking forward to celebrating the season with friends & family as a way of bringing more light into our lives.  If you count gardeners among your friends & family, you’re likely thinking about what gifts will delight them the most while they dream of spring.  We are lucky that Abigail Pierce, HPSO Member & Owner of Groundswell Garden Design, has done the legwork for us by curating…