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Musings — Piet Oudolf & The New Perennial Movement

ARTICLE BY: SCOTT WEBER Scott Weber is a HPSO Board Member. More of his breathtaking photographs can be seen on his blog, Rhone Street Gardens. *** As gardeners, most of us at some point sort of settle into a certain design aesthetic…sometimes by happenstance, sometimes quite deliberately. One garden style, while not for everyone, is almost irresistible to those with a longing for spaces inspired by nature. It is the New Perennial Movement, championed by the well-known garden designer, Piet Oudolf. What defines this style…what makes it unique…what is its appeal? While closely related to the naturalistic style, which often… 

Why Draw Plants

Kate Blairstone Botanical Illustration4

ARTICLE BY: KATE BLAIRSTONE Kate Blairstone is a botanical illustrator and second-term board member at HPSO, specializing in social media and inching the board toward new adventures in the broader plant-loving community. View her portfolio at, or follow her process and current projects on instagram @kateblairstone. *** If you’re reading the HPSO blog, odds are you have thousands of photographs of plants in your collection. I’ve realized I snap plant pics for all sorts of reasons: to remember a great combination, to remember the light, to remember the before and after; photographs are indeed for remembering. But to know… 

How HPSO Changed My Garden in Winter

Joanne Fuller Winter Garden

ARTICLE BY: JOANNE FULLER Joanne Fuller is an HPSO member and volunteer who gardens in NE Portland. *** When I moved to my home in urban NE Portland 27 years ago I was not a gardener. I’d had house plants, and had gardened as a child, but I never owned a home or had a space to garden outside. The house was dark, the house plants began to die, and I turned my interest to the “yard” which consisted of long-neglected juniper, scruffy grass and sick trees. I don’t remember how I found the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon, but…