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Meet Jeff Moore and Learn about Agaves

Meet Jeff Moore, owner of a small retail succulent nursery, Solana Succulents, in Solana Beach, CA – about 20 miles north of San Diego.  Jeff has written 5 books on agaves and succulents and has amassed an incredible collection of unique varieties. What’s my gardening style? I ‘garden’ in Southern California, blissfully unaware of what zone number I live in. Everything grows here. I put ‘garden’ in quotes, because in the succulent world we don’t really garden. We just dig holes and stick plants in, creating living sculpture displays. There is very little gardening to do in the traditional sense… 

Passed – Member Garden Tour: The Courtney’s Garden with a View

HPSO Member Garden Tour

What do you get when a meticulous gardener with an eye for color teams up with a master craftsman? A truly one of a kind, unique garden bursting with personality. Mary and Harlan Courtney started gardening on their property in 2015 and as they gave a tour during their HPSO Open Garden day in August 2021, their excitement and love for the garden was obvious. Perched in the hills in Banks, Oregon, stunning views of the forest surround Mary and Harlan’s gorgeous garden full of fun. The Garden Layout & Design You won’t find straight lines in the garden –…