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Gardeners’ Gift Guide

Gifts for Gardeners - Photo by @TheDangerGarden

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and while we are all loathe to admit it, it’s increasingly less inviting to spend time out in the garden.  The nights are drawing in, and we’re looking forward to celebrating the season with friends & family as a way of bringing more light into our lives.  If you count gardeners among your friends & family, you’re likely thinking about what gifts will delight them the most while they dream of spring.  We are lucky that Abigail Pierce, HPSO Member & Owner of Groundswell Garden Design, has done the legwork for us by curating this great list of possibilities.  And who knows, you may find something here to put on your own wish list!


Gardening in the Pacific NorthwestGardening in the Pacific Northwest – The Complete Homeowner’s Guide: Due out on December 27th, 2017 — not that I’m obsessively keeping track or anything — this handbook is sure to become a well used (i.e., full of grubby fingerprints, dog-ears and plant tags) and valuable addition to a gardeners reference library.  Co-written by our very own HPSO Board member, Amy Campion, and Xera Plants co-owner, Paul Bonine. A must-have growing guide for home gardeners in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. (Note: Authors Amy & Paul will be presenting the HPSO Winter Program on January 21st!)

The Well-Tended Perennial GardenThe Well-Tended Perennial Garden – The Essential Guide to Planting & Pruning Techniques, Third Edition: I had the first edition of this and I reached for it often. But then this new edition came out and it is so pretty that I just could not resist. I am happy to report that it is still incredibly useful and has some very thoughtfully added content. It’s a great reference for new and experienced gardeners alike who will benefit from thorough details on the essential practices of perennial care, along with growing information for new species and cultivars, on-trend garden design advice, a monthly planting and maintenance schedule, and details on native plants and gardening for wildlife.


Haws Copper Watering CanHaws Copper Watering Can: As a garden designer, you can probably guess that aesthetics are quite important to me. You can also probably guess that I have a lots of plants, both indoors and out. This means that any watering can I use gets a lot of exposure. Ten years ago, I got myself a pretty copper Haws can for my houseplants and I don’t regret it one bit. It’s a little thing that makes the task of tending to my plant babies that much more enjoyable. I also have one similar to their SlimCan style for my outdoor watering needs. Sometimes, for quick spot watering, a watering can is just easier to deal with than the hose. These ones are so nice to look at that they stay out, always in view, so they are ready to go when the time comes.

Makita Leaf BlowerMakita Blower: Ok, this is not a very sexy gift but it is such a useful tool, so here goes… Generally, I don’t really use a lot of gas powered nor electric tools as I tend to prefer the gentle work of hand tools. So, when my husband added this tool to our shed, I was skeptical. I am happy to report that it has now earned a place in my favorite tools list. Unlike bigger, gas-powered backpack blowers, this one is small and easy to carry with one hand. It is also much gentler on plants, which is very important to me. This little blower is indispensable for cleaning off patios, walks and decks. And if these patios, walks and deck are a rough surface, like natural stone, a broom can only do the job so well. But this little blower has changed all that. It is also useful for cleaning off rock walls as well as getting leaves off of plants. And what’s really cool about it is that the rechargeable batteries this blower uses can be used in other Makita tools – we use their reciprocating saw and small hand vacuum, not to mention all of the other Makita tools in our shop.


3-Tier Wall PlanterI’ve been stalking this 3 Tier Spora Planter for a while now and think it would be so pretty planted with some Sedums or Echeverias. It would be equally useful hanging by my back door as a catch-all for pruners and gloves.

Hover Dish PlanterHover Pot from Pot Inc: I first saw one of these in Loree Bohl’s garden and I have been stalking it ever since. These unique and modern hanging vessels come in a variety of fun colors from which to choose, and are lovely even on their own, I am particularly fond of the gunmetal grey color (not-so-subtle hint to my husband here), but I have seen some of the brighter colors in a local garden and they are so fun. And the company is right in Vancouver!


Indigo BandanaIndigo Bandana: I love this beautiful version of the classic accessory designed and made in Eugene. Tie it around your neck. Tie it on your head. Tuck it in your pocket and use it to mop your brow (if you dare).

Floral SocksFloral Socks from Sock Dreams: How pretty are these? You can find a large array of floral socks at Sock Dreams, but I a quite fond of the elegant design on this pair. A little disclaimer here: I planted the garden at their Sellwood boutique, but I would recommend them even if I hadn’t!

Moxie & Moss Women's Work PantsMoxie and Moss Maven Workpant: These are, by far, the most flattering work pants I have ever tried on. The Portland ladies that designed these are dedicated to making women’s workwear that is functional and looks great. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


Local artist Kate Blairstone makes these colorful prints (left). Or, how about these lovely watercolor prints on Etsy (center)? And if your budget is tight, you could print out these free botanical prints on nice paper and have them simply framed (right).

Botanical Print Gifts

And if you’re looking for an adventure for Small Business Saturday, our wonderful area nurseries & garden shops are stocked with lots of gifts for gardeners, including Artemesia, Backyard Bird Shop, Birds & Bees, Blooming Junction, Cistus (plants are gifts too!), City FarmCornell Farm, Digs Inside & Out, Farmington Gardens, Garden Fever, Gurton’s, Hammer & VineMarbott’sNaomi’s Organic Farm Supply, Paxton Gate, Pistils, Pomarius, Portland Nursery, Roosevelt’s Terrariums, Shorty’s, Solabee, Thicket (open beginning Nov 24th), and Tony’s Garden Center.

We’re so lucky to have so many great, locally-owned shops nearby, so let’s get out there & support them! And don’t forget, you can even gift a membership to HPSO to enjoy our Open Gardens program and more!

(featured photo by @DangerGarden)


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