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Get ready for Hortlandia 2022!

It’s time to start making your shopping list! Enjoy this preview of what’s to come at Hortlandia, featuring photos and video from last year’s sale.

Start planning your shopping list!

This year, Hortlandia is welcoming back some of the area’s most unique nurseries and artisans so you can fill your garden with new treasures. Watch the video below to see some of the beautiful collections of plants that will be available.

Hortlandia location and details:


Vendors tried to stay cool in the shade of the huge oak trees

If you visited Hortlandia in 2021, you’ll remember the sale was held outdoors during a record-breaking heatwave in June. Luckily, this year we’ll beat the heat with an earlier sale! Join us on the evening of Friday, April 1, from 5:00pm to 8:00pm and on Saturday, April 2 from 9:00am to 4:00pm

It will be held at the Westside Commons in Hillsboro, Oregon. You can get the full details here.

What plants are on your wish list this year? 


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11 responses to “Get ready for Hortlandia 2022!”

  1. Gayle Parrish says:

    My dream plant is a tree peony “Gaugin”. It’s amazing!

  2. I’m dreaming about some lovely groundcovers to plant in the parking strips out front. Haven’t decided exactly what yet.

  3. We’re looking for native plants like spirea & ninebark w/ all season interest. Deep but not invasive root systems, good for soils & drought tolerant. Researching varieties under consideration.

  4. Jess Denney says:

    How do I list just one?? Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers, Tiger’s Eye hybrid, and Snapdragons, oh my!!

  5. Paige says:

    Number one on my wishlist is pale purple coneflower! Such a magical addition to the pollinator garden 🪴🌸

  6. Ash K says:

    A new PNW gardener and I can’t wait to “dig” in. I just learned about tree peonies and I’m dead set on getting at least one.

  7. Renee Kuvelas says:

    I’m dreaming of lots of different plants! I’d love some flowering evergreen hedges, and more native wildflowers for my butterfly garden!

  8. Lily Davies says:

    I had a metal trellis installed and it’s waiting for climbers to be planted. Perhaps a rose? Westerland for fragrance and color. And paired with a clematis? Or perhaps a Chinese Virginia creeper that has amazing Fall color. So hard to choose!

  9. Jesse Manis says:

    Daphne Bholua and many more!!

  10. Inge says:

    I have been looking for a Catalpa, preferably one with the golden leaves.

  11. Danny says:

    We finally got an E. pininana but had to move before it bloomed! Hoping to get another soon.

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