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‘Grow With Us’ Lecture Series with Sue Goetz, Bob Hyland and James Wilson (2022 Hortlandia, this event has passed)

Hortlandia 2022
This year’s Hortlandia sale will be better than ever before! In addition to the 20+ plant and garden art vendors, stunning botanical displays, and book sale, we’ve invited 3 expert speakers to join us at our ‘Grow With Us’ lecture series. Your $5 Hortlandia ticket purchase includes attendance at these events.
Click here to purchase tickets to the Hortlandia event. This year’s sale will be held April 1st & 2nd, 2022, at the Westside Commons in Hillsboro. 

Sue Goetz: The Herbal Landscape

11:00 AM, Saturday, April 2nd
Mingling Herbs Beautifully with Ornamental Landscape Plants

Get to know the best herbs to use in your landscape, including ones that add architecture and color for all seasons. Featuring herbs that are low-maintenance water misers, pollinator-attracting, big bloomers, and with fantastic foliage.

About Sue: Sue Goetz is a certified professional horticulturalist (CPH), garden writer, speaker, and garden designer through her garden design business, Creative Gardener. You can learn more about Sue at her website,, and her Instagram: @creativegardener


Bob Hyland: Climate-Adapted Container Planting

12:30 PM, Saturday, April 2nd
Container Plants and Container Planting Styles for a Changing Climate, Summer-dry Period, and Wild Weather Extremes

Portland-based garden designer Bob Hyland will talk about a range of container plants and planting styles suited to our changing climate, summer-dry period, and wild weather extremes. Bob skillfully uses shrubs like Arctostaphylos (manzanita), Ceanothus (California lilac), Choisya (Mexican orange), Drimys (Mountain pepper), Fatsia, Mahonia, Pittosporum and architectural Agave, Aloe, Phormium (New Zealand flax), and Yucca, as building blocks in his container designs. Well-composed pots offer 4-season interest of foliage, bark, flowers, and fragrance and reduce irrigation needs during dry summer months.

About Bob: Bob Hyland is owner and principal of Hyland Garden Design and his pottery shop, Contained Exuberance. He is a former director and vice president of HPSO. You can learn more at his website,, and Instagram @hylandgardendesign


James Wilson: Adaptive Gardens

2:00 PM, Saturday, April 2nd
Urban and Suburban Gardening in Balance with Ecological and Human Interests

Gardening is creating beautiful alchemy between you, your home, your site conditions, your lifestyle and the climate and ecology of your location. James will discuss how planning plant communities enhances both the human experience of a garden as well as how the garden lives within its environment. Your garden can simultaneously be an ecologically beneficial landscape that is well-planned and beautiful throughout the seasons — and James will show you how.

About James: James Wilson is the owner and lead designer at Garden Stories, and is a licensed landscape contractor. His love of natural plant communities and local ecology of the Pacific Northwest greatly shapes and informs his design sensibilities. You can learn more at his website, and Instagram: @gardenstoriespdx


Get your Hortlandia 2022 Tickets!

This year’s Hortlandia sale will be held on April 1st & 2nd, 2022, at the Westside Commons in Hillsboro. The sale will be held indoors and your $5 ticket purchase includes attendance at these talks. Click here to learn more and get your tickets!



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