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Hortlandia 2019: Grow With Us Lecture Series

HPSO is delighted to bring 6 presentations to you at Hortlandia this weekend at Portland EXPO Center! There will be three each day:

Cory Jarrell: “Houseplant Care with the Plant Nerdist” / 10:30am Saturday
Judith Jones: “Ferns Beyond Shady Borders” / 12pm Saturday
Riz Reyes: “Plants for Year-Round Flower Arranging” / 1:30pm Saturday
Laura Heldreth: “Made in the Shade” / 10:30am Sunday
Janis McBride: “The Gift of Orchids” / 12pm Sunday
Linda Beutler: “Some Like it Hot – Clematis” / 1:30 Sunday

Cory JarrellCory Jarrell: “Houseplant Care with the Plant Nerdist”
10:30am Saturday

From starting your personal plant collection, to growing an urban oasis, this talk covers the basics of how to sustain your indoor plant jungle. Potted Elephant’s grower, Cory Paul, will be leading the discussion to include topics such as plant identification, soil, light, watering, and more.

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Judith Jones: “Ferns Beyond Shady Borders”
12pm Saturday

Description TBD

Riz ReyesRiz Reyes: “Plants for Year-Round Flower Arranging”
1:30pm Saturday

Gardeners often are the most creative floral designers and cutting flowers, branches and foliage from your own landscape couldn’t be easier! As year-round gardeners here in the Pacific Northwest, learn about the best landscape plants for cutting and arranging and see examples of how to use them in a vase.

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Laura HeldrethLaura Heldreth: “Made in the Shade – Planting for PNW Dry Shade”
10:30am Sunday

Want to create your own oasis garden but struggle with a shady site? Join Master Gardener Laura Heldreth for a talk on the steps she used to create a shade haven under mature Douglas fir trees. She’ll cover light conditions, the importance of mulch, organic fertilizing methods and she’ll share secrets on how to find unique plants and make beautiful combinations. Be prepared to be inspired to grow plants made for the shade!

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Janis McBrideJanis McBride: “The Gift of Orchids”
12pm Sunday

Orchids in bloom make such beautiful gifts, but most of them fail to survive. Janis McBride will demonstrate the step-by-step methods that will help you easily turn those gifts in to healthy, colorful, long-blooming orchids in your own home. Understanding how orchids naturally grow provides the basis for the crucial re-potting techniques that will be taught in a hands-on setting – bring your own gift orchid to be repotted.

Linda BeutlerLinda Beutler: “Some Like it Hot – Clematis for Full Sun and Hot Sites”
1:30pm Sunday

“Feet in the shade, head in the sun” is a useful generalization, but like most generalizations, it isn’t always true. There are a surprising number of clematis bred from species in hot summer climates that will not only survive, but thrive in hot spots and full sun. Rogerson Clematis Garden curator Linda Beutler shares the wide array of clematis that can do what you might not expect.

Timber Press Author / Rogerson Clematis Collection

We’re so looking forward to hearing from these experts and hope to see you there!


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