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Planning Fall-Planted Bulbs now for Next Year’s Display

Bulbs as Companion Plants

Our gardens are constantly evolving, not just because of the changing seasons and growth, but because we can’t help but see room for improvement!

Summer is in full swing, but you also have next year’s garden in the back of your mind.  You see gaps you’d like to fill, plants that didn’t work out, and hardscaping that needs to go in.

There’s a simple way to make a dramatic change in your garden – bulbs! It’s time to start thinking of the bulbs you’ll put in the ground this fall to enjoy next year.

HPSO is excited to announce an upcoming webinar with Brent Heath, 3rd generation bulb grower and co-owner of Brent & Becky’s Bulbs. He’ll share the right bulbs for the right spots so you can walk away with a clear plan for next year’s garden.

Bulbs as Companion Plants: registration now open! 

On Tuesday, August 24th at 11 am, Brent will join us for  Zoom webinar. Recording will be available for 2 weeks following the event. Click here to sign up!

Achieve three seasons of color with a bit of planning

In his presentation, Brent will discuss how to use bulbs among your perennials, groundcovers, annuals, and more to extend the colorful display throughout the year.

There are bulbs for every situation, whether you want a stunning display for one season or extended color throughout multiple seasons. Starting in spring with fritillary, hyacinth, tulips and transitioning to alliums and gladiolus later in the summer, Brent will walk you through choosing bulbs to fit your garden.

Bulbs as Companion Plants

Tulips get lots of attention, and for good reason – but Brent’s presentation will go beyond the expected!


Bulbs as Companion Plants

Alliums paired with echinacea combine for an interesting summer display

Join us for a webinar and get a head start on planning for next year’s garden!

‘Bulbs as Companion Plants’ with Brent Heath is now open for registration – sign up here!

This is a Zoom presentation.  Price is $5 for members; $10 for non-members

HPSO programs are recorded and available for two weeks following the original presentation to all those who register for the programs.


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