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Plant Nerd Night — it’s official! A new gardening season kicks-off

For us gardeners spring is full of milestones, both big (Hortlandia!) and small (Daylight Savings Time, aka “when I can finally see the garden in the evening, after work”). Plant Nerd Night qualifies as big, after all it’s been the official kick-off for a new gardening season for 17 years now.

Plant Nerd Night 2018 occured back on March 2nd, and as is tradition, it was a packed house. The lines formed early…

HPSO member Charlie Heldreth waits in line for Plant Nerd Night to begin, photo credit to Laura Heldreth

And once the doors opened the crowd rushed to find a seat, and then storm the nursery tables.

This annual (free) event features speakers from six local specialty nurseries, they each share photos of new or favorite plants, many of which they also have for sale at their tables. This year’s participating nurseries were Joy Creek Nursery, Cistus Nursery, Secret Garden Growers, Northwest Garden Nursery, Cedarglen Floral Company, and Terra Nova.

Kirk Hansen and Pat Thompson helping shoppers at the Secret Garden Growers table

Preston Pew and Ann Amato working the Cistus Nursery table

Plant Nerds swarm the CedarGlen Floral table

While some people come for the people watching and plant-nerd camaraderie…

Former HPSO VP Bob Hyland, former HPSO President Lucy Hardiman and current board member Kate McMillan

Amy Campion selling, and signing, copies of Gardening in the Pacific Northwest

Maurice Horn of Joy Creek Nursery and Burl Mostul of Rare Plant Research

Others are definitely there to shop.

This had to be the largest haul of the evening

As always the legendary Mike Darcy was the master of ceremonies, and chief plant-nerd. Here he’s showing off his plant feature of the night, with help from Thomas Johnson of Sebright Gardens.

Accompanied by Linda Beutler and Lori Volmer he led the crowd in singing of the event’s theme song…

And then it was time for the show (and much plant lusting) to begin…

Want to get in on the fun next year? Watch the Events Page on the HPSO website and plan to show up early. The doors open at 7pm but the lines form early…


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