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Selecting Peonies for Beautiful Spring Flowers

Rediscovering peonies

Peonies are one of the most beloved spring flowers. While it can take a couple years for the plants to get established, with the proper care they will reward you with a bounty of blooms for decades!

rediscovering peonies

Peony tubers are planted in the fall so they can benefit from a cold winter period, so although summer hasn’t ended yet, it’s time to start thinking about the peonies you’ll be planting this fall.

Join us for a webinar with peony expert Lorē Sampson at her Zoom presentation: ‘Rediscovering Peonies‘ on Wednesday, September 8th, at 7pm. She’ll share everything you need to know including peony selection, flower forms, planting, propagation and care. In addition, Lorē will discuss how to use peonies as cut flowers including tips on storing peonies for later use in flower arrangements and competitive shows.

Click here to sign up for the webinar to have your best peony season yet! Enjoy the photos below in the meantime.

Peony varieties to add to your wish list

There’s a peony for everyone – large, fluffy blooms, delicate, single petals, or bright, shocking colors in shades of pink, red, white and yellow. Peony names often perfectly capture the essence of the bloom as you’ll see in the photos below. Their fragrance varies, but most varieties have a sweet floral scent that evokes spring like nothing else.

rediscovering peonies

Peonies from left to right:

‘Peppermint’ is aptly named – streaks of dark pink adorn this fluffy flower, making it look good enough to eat!

Ruffled Sunset‘ shows off it’s stunning range of colors from yellow to red.

Nellie Saylor‘ has large, impressive guard petals surrounding a mound of multicolored petaloids.

rediscovering peonies

‘White Sands’ appears almost egg-like. Delicate, single petals surround a soft yellow center.

rediscovering peonies

Peonies from left to right:

‘Coral Sunset’ is a longtime favorite, for obvious reasons. The flowers begins a bright coral pink and fades to a soft pink/yellow hue.

White Frost‘ is touched with a bit of red around sumptuous creamy petals.

Mister Ed‘ is a classic pink with an impressively large bloom.

rediscovering peonies

‘Mrs. FDR’ is a classic pink peony with a beautiful fragrance. It’s soft blooms are right at home in a cottage style garden.

How to grow the best peonies this spring

By now you’re probably ready to go shopping for peony tubers to fill your garden with these sumptuous spring blooms! We can’t wait for the upcoming zoom webinar with Lorē Sampson and her photo-filled presentation presentation: ‘Rediscovering Peonies‘ on Wednesday, September 8th, at 7pm

Bring your questions and get ready to rediscover these incredibly beautiful and majestic landscape aristocrats!

This is a Zoom presentation.  Price is $5 for members; $10 for non-members

HPSO programs are recorded and available for two weeks following the original presentation to all those who register for the programs.

Registration open now: 2021 Gen(i)us Program: Rediscovering Peonies


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