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Meet Toni Gattone and Learn Methods for Lifelong Gardening (2022 Zoom Presenter)

Meet Toni Gattone, author of “The Lifelong Gardener, Garden with Ease and Joy at Any Age“. She gardens in Marin County, CA, Zone 10a. In this profile, Toni shares her passion for gardening and the importance of adopting methods to garden safely and comfortably. You can learn more about Toni at her website.  What type of garden do I have? My husband and I live on a small lot in a very pedestrian-oriented suburban neighborhood in Marin County, CA . We are blessed with a mild microclimate enabling us to garden most of the year. In addition to gardening with… 

Meet Kate Bodin and Learn about PBG

kate bodin portland botanical gardens

Meet Kate Bodin, Executive Director of Portland Botanical Gardens, recently-retired instructor of horticulture at Portland Community College, and Registered Horticultural Therapist. Kate gardens in Portland in USDA Zone 8b, Sunset Zone 6. Additionally, Kate shared the plans for PBG in an online program which you can view below. What garden trends am I embracing in the future? I’m currently moving away from as much irrigation as possible and using more climate appropriate plants. It’s a long process and I may never completely give up some of my water hogging plants, but I’m in the midst of having the lawn and sunburned… 

Meet Sauvie Island Gardener Maurice Horn

Maurice Horn HPSO Blog Profile

Meet Maurice Horn, soon-to-be-retired co-owner of Joy Creek Nursery, Scappoose, Oregon. He gardens in Sauvie Island, USDA Zone 8 (7B) and has contributed articles to Horticulture, The International Clematis Journal, and the like. Maurice generously shared his knowledge and experience with HPSO in this profile. Enjoy! My favorite book or garden writer: Over the last ten years, I have not had much time to read garden books. Instead, I have concentrated on plant monographs and publications that keep me up to date on plant nomenclature and new introductions. I also subscribe to The Garden magazine which is published by the…