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Nursery Interview: Rogerson Clematis Garden

Rogerson Clematis Garden

As part of Virtual Hortlandia 2020, we’re doing a series of interviews with participating nurseries so that you can learn more about them and the folks behind them. Joanne Fuller spoke with Linda Beutler, Curator of the Rogerson Clematis Garden, in Spring 2020 and edited the interview for this article. You can find them on Facebook here. Linda, is the garden open? The garden is sited at Luscher Farms which is a City of Lake Oswego public park, so we follow the Covid-19 safety regulations of the City. Right now, we are open to foot traffic with no onsite parking…. 

Garden Experiments Based on Inspiration from Other Gardeners

ARTICLE BY: RICHARD HOFFMAN Richard Hoffman is a member of the HPSO Board and his current interests range from identifying edible wildflowers to working edible plants into a mostly ornamental garden. *** Gardeners help one another in numerous ways, sometime knowingly and at other times, unintentionally. That “aha” moment, when visiting other gardeners, can come at a moment’s notice. This article features my garden experiments set in motion by the influence of other gardeners. Lucy Hardiman, of Perennial Partners, truly influenced my garden experiments over the years. Her garden opened for the Portland Metro’s Gardens of Natural Delights and for…