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Meet HPSO Member and Garden Designer Darcy Daniels

"Mix and Match – Tips for Creating Perfectly Coordinated Plant Combos" with Darcy Daniels

Meet Darcy Daniels, garden designer and creator of eGardenGo, a resource she created to help gardeners easily choose beautiful plant combinations to reflect their personal style.  Darcy gardens in NE Portland, USDA Zone 8b, and we are excited to feature her profile on the HPSO blog so we can all get to know her better!  How did I become involved in gardening professionally? I’d always loved plants when I was growing up, but it wasn’t until I bought a house in 1998 that things changed. The house is a small bungalow, and when I moved in, it had no garden… 

8 Tips for Creating Plant Combos That Are Practical AND Pretty

ARTICLE BY: DARCY DANIELS Darcy Daniels is a longtime HPSO member, garden designer with Bloomtown® Gardens, and most recently the creator of eGardenGo, a website devoted to helping gardeners unlock the secrets of successful planting combinations. In this post, she dishes 8 tips garnered from 20 years of thinking about combining plants and garden-making. *** I’m quite practical and down-to-earth when it comes to choosing plants for the gardens I make, particularly those I do with clients. I tend to be quite a bit more experimental in my own space, but most of the time, my clients don’t want to…