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Member Garden Tour: Kathleen of Old Hurlburt School Gardens

Member Garden Tour: Old Hurlburt School Gardens

Buying a property can be hit or miss when it comes to the garden. It’s rare to find a home with a beautifully maintained and established garden. Oftentimes the best-case scenario is a blank slate, a standard lawn, rather than struggling with a garden overgrown with weeds. But imagine buying a home whose previous owners were talented gardeners that had spent 30 years creating an established garden on the 1-acre property. That’s not to say Kathleen Shelman and her family haven’t made it their own. Ducks peep through the borders from their pen, artful sculptures and tokens adorn the garden,… 

Garden Design for Winter Interest with Pomarius Nursery

Garden Design for Winter Interest with Pomarius Nursery

The easy answer to creating a garden that looks just as good in January as it does in July is to plant more evergreens. But the skill comes in designing an evergreen garden that you want to enjoy for several months of the year without turning your backyard into an arborvitae-filled parking lot. Pomarius Nursery in Portland, Oregon, is a testament to that skill. The nursery is a prime example of how to use both tried-and-true evergreens and unique varieties in garden design to keep your garden looking fresh and modern – even through the winter. The wide range of… 

Contained Exuberance for the Portland Summer Garden

Bob Hyland Contained Exuberance

ARTICLE BY: BOB HYLAND Bob Hyland is a Portland-based garden designer and former HPSO board member. He sells an eclectic, contemporary assortment of outdoor garden pots at his shop Contained Exuberance next to Xera Plants in southeast Portland. Bob designs container displays and plant-driven gardens when not in his Shop. *** I love pairing pots and plants to boost a garden, outdoor patio, and business entrance in Portland’s summer-dry climate. Well-placed containers carrying artful plant combinations become focal points during the dog days of July and August. Granted, that’s easier for me to say and do with a shop full… 

Plants that Earn Their Keep: Plant Selection & Design

Plant selection and design with Darcy Daniels

ARTICLE BY: DARCY DANIELS HPSO member, Darcy Daniels is a renowned garden designer with Bloomtown® Gardens and creator of eGardenGo a web site that helps gardeners decide what to plant with what. Loaded with plant combination recipes, the site is perfect for gardeners at all levels — beginners as well as pros can find lots of fresh ideas and inspiration within its pages. Her gardens have been featured in many publications, and her home and client gardens have been included in numerous local, regional and national garden tours. *** In 1998, I was a completely novice gardener when I began…