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Passed – Hortlandia 2021: An Event to Remember!


Hortlandia 2021 was certainly an event to remember! Not only was it held at a new venue and a different time of the year, but Oregon experienced its hottest temperatures ever recorded. Since the sale was held outside to comply with pandemic restrictions, visitors and vendors alike braved the 110+ degree heat to enjoy the incredible collection of plants and garden art on display. The Show Must Go On! The community was heartbroken that Hortlandia 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic, so with restrictions easing this year, the Hardy Plant Society was committed to making this event happen safely…. 

Talking Soil, Mulch, Amendments and more with Heather Havens of Concentrates NW

Talking Soil, Mulch, Amendments and more with Heather Havens of Concentrates NW

Most every gardener thinks about things like the condition of their soil, whether/when to mulch and what to use, what kind of fertilizer is best for what they grow, and myriad other questions that have to do with supporting their gardens so that they flourish. Luckily we have lots of experts in our midst here in the Portland gardening community, and one of those folks is Heather Havens of Concentrates Inc. If you’re not familiar with them already, Concentrates is a supplier of agricultural products specializing in organic soil amendments, fertilizers, feeds, minerals, and salts. Concentrates’ staff members include organic… 

Elaine Joines Memorial Grants & Scholarships Program

The HPSO Grants & Scholarships Program is named in honor of the late Elaine Joines, who was designer and curator of the Martha Springer Botanic Garden at Willamette University and a dedicated member of the HPSO Grants Committee. The Hardy Plant Society of Oregon works to promote education and understanding of herbaceous perennial plants, and is dedicated to helping special gardens of botanical, horticultural, or historic interest, including the support of community gardens. We award funds to non-profit organizations throughout Oregon and Clark County, Washington, for projects that further these goals.  Specifically we award grants for plantings, horticultural equipment/supplies for gardening or…