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Meet Linda Cochran

Meet Linda Cochran, a home gardener in Port Ludlow, Washington, Zone 8. She has embraced native plants in her gardening and strives to create beautiful, naturalistic gardens with natives. How long have I been gardening in Port Ludlow? Before moving to Port Ludlow, I had a large well known garden on Bainbridge Island which I created over the 20 years I lived there. Since moving to Port Ludlow in 2013, I have developed my much smaller garden, using a lot of natives that I grow from seed. It is not an exclusive native garden, however. I also spend a lot… 

Member Garden Tour: The Courtney’s Garden with a View

HPSO Member Garden Tour

What do you get when a meticulous gardener with an eye for color teams up with a master craftsman? A truly one of a kind, unique garden bursting with personality. Mary and Harlan Courtney started gardening on their property in 2015 and as they gave a tour during their HPSO Open Garden day in August 2021, their excitement and love for the garden was obvious. Perched in the hills in Banks, Oregon, stunning views of the forest surround Mary and Harlan’s gorgeous garden full of fun. The Garden Layout & Design You won’t find straight lines in the garden –…