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Meet HPSO Member Jeanne DeBenedetti Keyes and Tour a Climate-Wise Garden (2022 Open Gardens Host)

Meet Jeanne DeBenedetti Keyes, HPSO board member and Open Garden Owner. She gardens in USDA Zone 8, SE Portland, Oregon. Jeanne applies climate-wise gardening methods to create a beautiful, sustainable garden, and shares some of her tips in this profile.  Some of the climate-wise elements I include in my garden are: Respecting my garden’s natural conditions – I designed the gardens to meet the site conditions. I would think what kind of soil do I have here, how much sunlight is there? What kind of plants would do well? The garden on the north lot reflects an interest in Chinese… 

Member Garden Tour: Rita’s Tropical Backyard Paradise

Member Garden Tour

The power of gardens can be difficult to quantify, although we know a great garden when we see it. But what is it that makes a garden great? Is it unique plants, art and furniture, or landscape design? This all contributes to a beautiful garden, but it often comes down to the personal touch of the gardener that really makes a garden stand out. In Rita’s case, the garden transports her family to their favorite vacation spot – Hawaii. Located in a suburban neighborhood in Lake Oswego on a little over a 1/4 acre, the garden bursts with tropical color…