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HPSO Open Gardens in September 2018

September Open Gardens - Portland, Oregon

As we approach September, HPSO members are treated to even more opportunities to visit the gardens of other members through our Open Gardens program. Visiting other area gardens is a wonderful way to gain inspiration for your own garden projects, to meet people who share your passion for plants, and to enjoy the gorgeous days September (hopefully!) has in store for us. Some of September’s gardens include nurseries with display gardens, so you can get ready for fall planting with a little shopping too! There are 28 Open Gardens in September, including… Matthew Greydanus & Darin Simmons – Laurel Hedge… 

HPSO Open Gardens in August 2018

The annual HPSO Open Gardens program continues in August with almost 30 private and public gardens open on weekends and some on Monday evenings.  Several gardens are open for the first time and it is also a chance to see gardens that you missed earlier in the year. Some of the gardens open in August include: Michael Babbit & Ellen Bartholomew This small garden packs a punch with borders of roses and drought-tolerant plants along the hell-strip and driveway. The back garden is a labyrinth of garden rooms shaded by apricot and apple trees. Glass art and copper structures add… 

HPSO Open Gardens in July 2018

Sebright Gardens

The annual HPSO Open Gardens program continues in July with a wide variety of gardens, both private and public, open to our members on weekends and some Monday evenings. The gardens include new ones on the tour for the first time as well as a chance to see gardens that you may have missed in the past. The month of July is a time when a wide variety of perennials and shrubs are flourishing and many gardens are at their peak. Some of the gardens open in July include: The Bud Dietrich Garden Perennials, flowering trees, ornamental grasses and tropicals… 

HPSO Open Gardens in June 2018

Thomas Vetter Garden

The annual HPSO Open Gardens program is in full swing with a plethora of gardens open for tours during the month of June.  The June gardens are open on weekends and some are open on Monday evenings (times and locations are listed for members in the HPSO Open Gardens directory). Some of this month’s gardens include – Thomas Vetter A plant lover’s paradise nestled in Hazelwood, the Vetter garden is entering its 20th season and is a favorite stop on garden tours. The garden is a palette of colors and textures with ferns, trees, perennials and shrubs framing one beautiful… 

HPSO Open Gardens in May 2018

Peony Garden Portland

The temperatures are rising and the sun is making more appearances as the glorious spring season begins in the Pacific Northwest. The annual HPSO Open Gardens program started in April and there are even more gardens to see during the month of May. The May gardens are open on weekend days (times and locations are listed for members in the HPSO Open Gardens directory). Approximately twenty of the gardens on this year’s HPSO Open Gardens are those that are featured on the tour for the first time. One of these is the garden of Matthew Hubbard (aka The Lents Farmer)…. 

HPSO Open Gardens: Kicking off the 2018 open garden season!

In just a few short weeks – April 7 to be exact – the new season of the HPSO Open Gardens begins! Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of our members who are opening their gardens, we have a wide-ranging group of beautiful gardens you can visit each weekend, and even some weekday evenings straight through until early October. This year, approximately 120 private gardens, as well as nursery display gardens, are open for your viewing pleasure. Whether you are seeking design inspiration or you just need a relaxing stroll through a beautiful garden, the tour has something for everyone…