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Why I Hortlandia

ARTICLE BY: PETER HERPST A special education teacher by day, a glass artist by night, and a choir director on Sundays; Peter Herpst somehow finds time to garden as well. He’s been expertly tending his .26-acre Eden in Tacoma, WA, for 26 years now. His personal jungle features everything from the rare to the common, all grown to perfection and planted with Peter’s one-of-a-kind style. Peter blogs at The Outlaw Gardener, where he shares his plant shopping, garden visiting, and vase-filling adventures. *** Why would a mostly sane person wake up at the crack of dawn and drive two hundred… 

Sedum & Sempervivum: Cold Hardy Succulents with Sedum Chicks


ARTICLE BY: KATE McMILLAN Kate McMillan is a HPSO Board member and owner of Cultiverity, a garden design company in Portland. When she’s not working on her own or someone else’s garden, she’s running her web design studio, Outbox Online. She can often be found posting to the HPSO Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter feeds, and coordinating this blog. *** I think it’s fair to say that most everyone would like their garden to contain beautiful plants, with lovely color and texture, that can withstand drought, that play well with others, and that don’t require much maintenance. Whether your garden…