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Planning Fall-Planted Bulbs now for Next Year’s Display

Bulbs as Companion Plants

Our gardens are constantly evolving, not just because of the changing seasons and growth, but because we can’t help but see room for improvement! Summer is in full swing, but you also have next year’s garden in the back of your mind.  You see gaps you’d like to fill, plants that didn’t work out, and hardscaping that needs to go in. There’s a simple way to make a dramatic change in your garden – bulbs! It’s time to start thinking of the bulbs you’ll put in the ground this fall to enjoy next year. HPSO is excited to announce an… 

Member Garden Tour: Kathleen of Old Hurlburt School Gardens

Member Garden Tour: Old Hurlburt School Gardens

Buying a property can be hit or miss when it comes to the garden. It’s rare to find a home with a beautifully maintained and established garden. Oftentimes the best-case scenario is a blank slate, a standard lawn, rather than struggling with a garden overgrown with weeds. But imagine buying a home whose previous owners were talented gardeners that had spent 30 years creating an established garden on the 1-acre property. That’s not to say Kathleen Shelman and her family haven’t made it their own. Ducks peep through the borders from their pen, artful sculptures and tokens adorn the garden,…