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On the Cusp of Winter’s Pleasures

On the Cusp of Winter’s Pleasures

ARTICLE BY: Barbara Blossom Ashmun Barbara Blossom Ashmun is the author of seven books, most recently Love Letters to My Garden. *** When I first began to garden in the 1970s all I cared about was summer. Give me roses and peonies, cosmos and cleome, salvias and sunflowers. I lived for the culmination of color and fragrance. But as time went by I noticed that winter was when I craved color and fragrance the most. There was so little of it in my February garden that I drove to the florist and bought bouquets of cut flowers to cheer up… 

How HPSO Changed My Garden in Winter

Joanne Fuller Winter Garden

ARTICLE BY: JOANNE FULLER Joanne Fuller is an HPSO member and volunteer who gardens in NE Portland. *** When I moved to my home in urban NE Portland 27 years ago I was not a gardener. I’d had house plants, and had gardened as a child, but I never owned a home or had a space to garden outside. The house was dark, the house plants began to die, and I turned my interest to the “yard” which consisted of long-neglected juniper, scruffy grass and sick trees. I don’t remember how I found the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon, but… 

Brighten Your Winter Garden with Art

Garden Sculpture

ARTICLE BY: BETH HANSEN-WINTER Beth Winter is a HPSO Board Member, Photographer, Book Designer, and Hortiholic *** After 20 years of collecting, my husband began to chide me for having “too much” garden art. I must confess that when there are no leaves on the deciduous trees and shrubs to block the direct views, the garden IS a little bit crowded, but honestly, I don’t think one can have too much garden art! There are two things a garden needs in the winter when trees are bare and perennials are nonexistent: structural plants and garden art. Hardscaping defines a garden,… 

Zonal Denial Revisited – Winter Performers in the Garden

Winter Performers in the Garden

ARTICLE BY: SEAN HOGAN, Originally Published in the HPSO Quarterly in Winter 2016 Sean Hogan is a HPSO member who most recently presented the lecture at Plantfest 2017 & owns Cistus Nursery *** Nearly 20 years ago I wrote a small article for a very good newsletter published by the late plantswoman Stephanie Feeney. Jeez, TWENTY years ago! Anyway, I had just come back to Portland and was frustrated by the overwhelming commercial availability of so many plants grown en masse here for export to points east like New Jersey, Denver, and Bend—you know, the whole east coast! Little in the…