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Passed – Meet Scot Medbury

Meet Scot Medbury, Executive Director of Sonoma Botanical Gardens. Scot has managed various public gardens including Brooklyn Botanic Garden and San Francisco Botanical Garden. Additionally, he is excited to share a new personal garden project on the southern Oregon Coast.  Scot currently gardens in Glen Ellen, CA (USDA Zone 9b; Sunset Zones 15 & 16) and Curry County, Oregon (USDA Zone 9b; Sunset Zone 17). What are some of the more unusual plants or genera that I am looking forward to growing in Curry County? Araliads, citrus, Maddenii series rhododendrons; select palms, tree ferns, bromeliads, proteas, and araucariads; mild-temperate Southern… 

What’s Trending in Pacific Northwest Gardens? Find Out January 21!

Gardening in the Pacific Northwest: The Complete Homeowner’s Guide

ARTICLE BY: AMY CAMPION Amy Campion is a HPSO Board Member, freelance writer, editor, and photographer. She blogs about gardening at *** A special Portland garden I discovered Paul Bonine’s garden entirely by accident one day. It was March of 2014—less than a year since I’d moved to Portland from Cincinnati—and I was walking around North Portland, taking plant pictures. Paul’s garden stopped me in my tracks. I was still getting acquainted with our amazing Northwest plant palette, and I was used to being humbled by not knowing some of the plants I encountered, but his garden was full…