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The Connection Between Gardening & Well-Being with Jennifer Jewell

As gardeners, we have the opportunity to connect with the world in a way that many others can’t. We see the effects of climate change in our backyard, experience wildlife on a daily basis, and find joy in connecting with people and plants.

The idea that ordinary folks can make a difference in the world by taking an interest in gardening is gaining momentum.

jennifer jewell

Photography by Caitlin Atkinson

Jennifer Jewell, host of the Cultivating Place podcast, dives deep in the concept of gardens as positive agents for environmental, social, and cultural change in her book Under Western Skies. 

The HPSO is excited to announce an exclusive webinar with Jennifer coming up on Wednesday, August 4th, at 7pm. Click here to register.

Additionally, the program will be hosted by plantsman Bob Hyland who has worked in gardens around the country, from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York City to the San Francisco Botanical Garden.

Welcoming Nature & Wildlife in our Gardens

Jennifer is not shy when it comes to the importance of native plants in our gardens, but she appreciates the way they can be combined with non-invasive, non-native ornamental plants.

It can sometimes be a struggle to combine natives and non-natives in the garden, but she showcases scenes that make room for plants of all types that are both beautiful and wildlife-friendly.

jennifer jewell webinar

Thomas the Apostle Retreat Center, Wyoming. Photography by Caitlin Atkinson, all rights reserved.

It is empowering to know the impact of gardens, not only on the environment but on our personal wellbeing. Gardens need care and attention, a mindful presence, and hope for the future. As millions of people around the world found during the pandemic, gardens have a significant effect to our mental health and wellbeing.

Jennifer Jewell webinar

Phoenix, AZ home garden of Virginia Cave. Photography by Caitlin Atkinson, all rights reserved.

Featured Gardens of the Pacific Northwest

Under Western Skies features public and private gardens, including several in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. The gardeners and caretakers of these gardens share their vision and respect for nature while designing with plants in innovative ways.

jennifer jewell webinar

Pacific Northwest Garden of Nancy Heckler. Photography by Caitlin Atkinson, all rights reserved.

Beyond the Pacific Northwest are gardens from Colorado, Arizona, California, and more western states. While the setting may appear exotic, the mission of these gardens is the same: spreading joy and cultivating a beautiful environment.

jennifer jewell webinar

Nature Gardens at the Natural History Museum of LA County. Photography by Caitlin Atkinson, all rights reserved.

Join us for a Discussion on the Power of Gardens

Our upcoming webinar with Jennifer Jewell, hosted by Bob Hyland, is now open for registration.

Not only will it feature stunning photography and inspirational gardens, but Jennifer will lead a discussion on how gardens and their stewards can make a powerful impact on the world.

This is a Zoom presentation.  Price is $5 for members; $10 for non-members

HPSO programs are recorded and available for two weeks following the original presentation to all those who register for the programs.

Registration is now open: 2021 Garden Stories: Under Western Skies


Join one of the West Coast's largest gardening communities and meet other gardeners who share your passion.

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